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Business Scope

1. Logistics service: adopt a new bidding mechanism to bring different logistics experience to customers

2. Customs clearance service: Provide convenient customs clearance service to reduce the inspection rate of enterprises

3. Foreign exchange settlement service: Settling foreign exchange in different time periods on working days to avoid the risk of exchange rate fluctuations and reduce exchange losses of enterprises

4. Import and export of goods and technology;

5. Agency customs declaration business, agency inspection declaration business (used together with valid qualification certificate), agency tax payment and tax refund procedures;

6. Supply chain management services, general cargo handling services;

7. Domestic freight forwarding (excluding express delivery);

8. general cargo transportation;

9. Contract international freight forwarding by sea, air and land (excluding express delivery business);

10. Warehousing Services;

Business scope: daily necessities, shoes, accessories, gold products, silver products, platinum products, diamonds, arts and crafts (excluding cultural relics), aquatic products (excluding seedlings), textiles, knitwear and raw materials, leather products, Clothing, kitchen and bathroom appliances, household appliances, lubricants, rubber products, plastic products, chemical principles and products (excluding hazardous chemicals, precursor chemicals and monitoring chemicals), metal materials (excluding precious metals and rare metals) ), building materials, decorative materials (the above two business scopes do not include bamboo and wood materials, hazardous chemicals, precursor chemicals and monitoring chemicals), machinery and equipment, automobile daily necessities, auto parts, motorcycle parts, wires and cables, Wujinjiaodian and accessories, electronic products (excluding electronic publications), mechanical and electrical products, computers and auxiliary equipment, communication equipment (excluding satellite ground receiving equipment), wood, non-ferrous metals (excluding precious metals and rare metals), food wholesale.